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Lena Baby 4/?
Title: Lena Baby 4/?
Rating: T
Pairings: Demi/Selena, Miley/Taylor S.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, but if I did, there would be little Lovez babies running around(:
Summery: Selena and Miley may not be friends, but Miley cared about Demi and Selena. One day, she records a drunk Demi singing a very...interesting remix of Ashley by Escape The Fate. Miley shows Selena and fluff ensues.
A/N: Please actually review this chapter.

Miley was currently being mobbed by 7 year old's.

Maybe it really wasn't a good idea to go to Starbucks on her own.

"Who knew 7 year old's were vicious," Miley thought with a shrug as she signed another autograph. Although she liked that people looked up to her, she never understood the significances of her signature on a piece of paper.

"If they want my signature, go steal my receipts," Was always her motto. But then again, finding small children raiding her purse would be a tad bit creepy. While laughing, Demi had once told her that she would come out of the shower one day and find a hoard of little kids staring at her, asking her for used soap. Miley had been thoroughly disturbed. Demi was a tad bit of an odd thinker. Cough, she's a freak, cough, cough.

Miley continued signing the sea of kids' various items. She thought they would never stop coming, and the large smile that was plastered on her face would be permanently stuck on her lips, all of this children dissipated. Suddenly a scream was heard. Miley turned around to see Selena being attacked my the children she currently was attempting to please.

She was almost knocked over in the struggle to move past all the tiny humans that were both literally and figuratively throwing themselves at her.  Miley stayed back with her arms crossed and a smile across her lips. It was really quite amusing to watch Selena get toppled over by her fans, attempting to please them all at once. Deciding to cut her a break, Miley gently pushed past the little kids and stood next to Selena.

Selena looked at Miley with desperate expression on her face. Miley smirked a little, but decided to help the Wizards star out. She placed her fingers and her moth and blew, producing a high-pitched, ear piercing screech. All the little children stopped attacking the stars and turned their attention to Miley.
"Hey guys, how're ya'll today?!" She called into the sea of little people. They all shouted back in response, probably expecting a song, or a duet.

"Selena and I are going to have a talk for a little bit, but when we come back we'll sing you some songs, okay?!" They're was an overwhelming response of yes from every single child in the crowd.

Miley gently tugged at Selena's wrist, pulling her along with her into the Starbucks.

"Here, take a seat, Sel, I'll go get some cups of coffee," Miley said while walking towards the counter, not even waiting for Selena's reply. Miley walked swiftly to the counter, glancing back at Selena. She was getting comfortable in her seat, with the occasional child with a parent asking for an autograph. Miley didn't notice the line had moved up and it was her turn until a sweet old lady had told her to move up.

"Uhm, hi there, could I possibly have two regular tall coffee's please?"

"Sure, that'll be $7.36, please." Miley pulled out a ten and placed it on the counter. She turned and leaned back. She pulled out her cell phone, quickly going through her files, making sure Demi's Remix was still there. She jerk suddenly when someone tapped her shoulder. She turned and smiled, accepting the two coffee's from the employee.

Miley made her way back to the booth Selena had claimed for their own. The brunette was staring out the window with her hands folded on the table. She looked to be in dept thinking. Her facial expression was one of pure confusion. Deciding to put the poor girl out of herself theoretically, he put the coffee in front of her hands.

Selena looked at Miley with grateful eyes, thankfully taking the hot liquid and sipping a small amount. Miley sat down across from Selena, sipping her own drink. Selena looked up from her coffee, now looking into Miley's eyes.

"What... What did you want to show me...?" Miley smiled suddenly, realizing that Selena was fretting about that.

"You have nothing to worry about, I swear."

"What is it then?" Selena said. She looked relieved, a small smile making it's way onto her face. Miley quickly took out her phone, searching for the file again. Selena looked curiously at her, not understanding why she was searching her cell phone. Miley was too engrossed in finding the file in her cell than to notice the look that was on Selena's face.

"Aha!" Miley smiled in triumph, finally finding Demi's Remix. She looked at Selena, finally noticing her confused expression. She smiled and decided to explain.

"Demi was drunk off her ass right?" She saw Selena nod her head from the corner of her eye. "She started to sing,"

"How is that something that would make me really happy...?" Miley smiled, it was almost sinister.

"You know that Escape the Fate song Ashley?" Selena again nodded her head, and Miley decided to now play the remix.

Shadows fall on yesterday,
its like time just slips away.

Selena heard Demi giggle softly and mumble incoherently.

I'm nothing, when darkness follows me.
The dawn, it never shows its head.
I'm left dying here instead with nothing,
a lock without a key.
Like the brightest star you shine through.

Demi started to scream happily.

Le-na-baby, *hic* you make me
feel... so alive.
I've got purpose *hic* once again.

Selena softly blushed and smiled happily. Miley paused the recording as her eyes danced in amusement. Before either one got a chance to speak, someone spoke.


Her eyes were so wide, it seemed like the were going to devour her face. Miley turned slowly to see Demi Lovato staring at her with angry eyes.

A/N: It’s late, I’m tired, I want sleep. REVIEW THIS. If you guys don’t, I’m not updating.


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