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Lena Baby 5/5?
Title: Lena Baby 5/?
Rating: T
Pairings: Demi/Selena, Miley/Taylor S.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, but if I did, there would be little Lovez babies running around(:
Summery: Selena and Miley may not be friends, but Miley cared about Demi and Selena. One day, she records a drunk Demi singing a very...interesting remix of Ashley by Escape The Fate. Miley shows Selena and fluff ensues.
"Demi, I-"

"Don't!" Demi hissed. "Don't even speak. You had no right. NO RIGHT to show Selena that. You knew she didn't feel the same yet you STILL showed her that. I hadn't even remembered. You had no right to exploit my feelings to her, or anyone else. Why can't you leave something in my life be private for once!?" Miley had flinched back at the complete betrayal in Demi's eyes.

"It wasn't a big deal because-"

"WASN'T A BIG DEAL?!" Demi exploded. Heads turned to the booth, all looked at them in distaste. Noticing she was drawing attention to herself, Demi slide into the booth beside Selena. Selena moved her purse and blushed heavily. "She's really cute when she's attempting to kick Miley's ass...."

"It WAS a big deal, Miles! Those are my feelings, my personal feelings that I didn't want anyone to know about. It was my secret, my feelings. Not yours! You don't see my going around announcing to someone that you love them!" Miley's eyes widened harshly and her breath quickened.

"Please Demi, I'm sorry I told her, but she had a right to know," Demi opened her mouth to protest, but Miley continued talking. "And it's not a secret when you can tell how in love with her you are. A fucking monkey can tell. Everyone knows. You're an idiot if you think she doesn't love you back."

"BULL SHIT. She doesn't love me, and you KNOW it. Why would you do that?! You knew I was hurting, and you decided, 'Oh, it's okay, let's mess with Demi's feelings!'" She said, impersonating Miley, using a horrible southern accent. Miley twitched a bit at it, but she let Demi continue. "No! You can't do that! You had no fucking right to mess with my emotions. She was never supposed to know! This is why we stopped being friends!" Selena gasped suddenly, turning towards Demi.

"We stopped 10 years of friendship because you were afraid I didn't love you back?!" Demi whipped around to look at Selena, startled at her tone of voice. She sounded thoroughly pissed off.

"Did you even think of coming to me, before you decided to break my heart?!"

"Break your heart?" Demi retorted with a bitter laugh. "I broke nothing of yours. You made me love you. I was watching out for you. For your career. You know that thing you've been dreaming about since you were seven? Yeah, that. I'd rather sacrifice my happiness, then to see you lose your dream, so no. You can't tell me I broke your heart." Selena looked at her disbelievingly.

"You stupid bitch!" Demi recoiled. Selena never swore, nor had she ever gotten that angry at her. Ever. No matter what happened, Selena never yelled or swore.

"I fucking love you too! You never asked me! You never told me! You never even gave to possibility I may love you too. You selfish, selfish girl!" Demi growled angrily and got in Selena's face.

"I'm the selfish one?! Says the girl who fucking decided it would be okay to take my fucking heart." Selena got closer to Demi and they were in each other’s faces, Miley sat on the other side of the booth in shock, and completely forgotten as the two lovers fought.

"Who says you haven't taken mine?!"


"Oh yeah?!"


They were so close their noses were brushing and they could see the fire burning in the other’s eyes. Selena suddenly growled and grabbed Demi's face roughly and pressed their lips together. Demi pulled back angrily and looked into Selena's eyes, seeing the obvious hurt there. Demi suddenly gripped her waist and pulled Selena's body into her and pressed their lips back together.

This kiss was softer, but more demanding and more urgent. Both had wanted it for so long, it seemed like the fruit that was at the top of the tree had finally fallen into their hands. Each had the other and everything else decided to come into please. Demi started to pull back a little, but Selena kept her hands on her neck, and with a small giggle, bringing her back in for another kiss. Demi smiled softly and pecked her twice before pulling away. Selena blushed softly, realizing that Miley was staring at them with wide eyes, and a retracted jaw.

"That was hot." Demi glared viciously at Miley, tucking Selena into her side. She rested her head on Demi's shoulder, watching the exchange between the two girls.

"I'm still going to kick your ass." Miley looked at her disbelievingly.

"What!? Why?!"

"You betrayed my trust. You may have been right, but you didn't have my permission to do it." Miley looked down.

"Fine, I'm sorry for telling your girlfriend," Both girls blushed heavily. "You are in love with her. Happy?" Demi pretended to look thoughtful for a moment, tapping her chin comically.


"Wha-?" Miley looked ready to bust a nonexistent nut.

"You have to tell Taylor you love her." Selena moved quickly from Demi's shoulder and looked at Miley.

"You love Taylor? My Taylor?" Demi pouted.

"I thought I was yours." Selena turned to Demi, and rolled her eyes. She softly pecked Demi's bottom lip, which curled back up into a smile.

"You are mine, but Taylor is like my best-" She looked over at Demi, who was pouting again and rolled her eyes for a second time. "One of my best friends." Miley started to blush a deep red.

"I-I don't l-love T-T-Taylor. Wh...What gave you t-that idea?" She stuttered out with a laugh. Demi gave her a look that said, "Are you joshing me right now?"

"You mean other than the fact I hear you saying," Demi decided to be mean and coughed out 'Moaning'. Miley blushed heavily and threw a stick at her head. Demi laughed heartily and dodged the projectile. She continued, "Her name at ungodly hours of the night. I mean really, if you want to lie to me, be good at it." Miley sunk into her seat mumbling 'whatever'. Selena giggled at her.

"You never know, Miles. She may love you back, you just don't know it." Selena looked at Demi was a soft smile on her face. Demi was fiddling with a straw wrapper. Noticing someone's eyes on her, Demi turned to look at Selena. She smiled softly at her, and leaned down to pressed their foreheads together. Miley looked at them and rolled her eyes.

She glanced down at her phone, noticing this whole rendezvous had taken two hours. The little kids must have been ravenous by now.

"Hey guys," She said, snapping the two lovebirds out of their haze. "We've been here for like, two hours, and we still need to go and sing for the little people outside. Selena's eyes widened and she scrambled out of the booth, pushing Demi out as well. Demi looked at Selena, who was currently pulling her along, curiously.

"What little kids...?"

"When we got here we were attack by little children and we promised when we came out, we would sing for them." Demi's mouth formed into an 'O'.

"Well," Demi said brightly, while lacing her fingers with Selena's. "We can't keep them waiting, now can we?" Selena laughed along with Miley as Demi happily walked outside with the other stars in tow. As they stepped foot outside, screams of their names were heard from small lungs.

"Hey guys!" Demi called cheerily. "How are you today?!" Demi got an overwhelming response. She laughed easily and continued with her hand still attached to Selena's. "Do you guys want to hear some songs?!" An extremely loud 'YES' was heard throughout the crowd of little people. Demi grinned and said, "Alright! I'm going to sings a song that I... Remixed a bit. You guys all know my best friend Selena, right?" All the kids looked at her in confusion, seeing as they had all heard the rumors of the end of their friendship.

"I know you've been hearing about how much we grew apart, but now we're reconnecting! I made this remix for her. Do you guys want to hear it?" All the kids called to her again. Demi smiled while looking at Selena. She was blushing softly, ducking her head in embarrassment. Miley strayed to the outskirts of the little group, and smiled. She watched as Demi brought her hand to Selena's face and lifted it. She opened her mouth and started to sing.

"Shadows fall on yesterday,
It's like time just slips away..."

I don't know whether to make this the last chapter or not! You guys should tell me (: Comments are greatly appreciated. (:

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