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I can't take this anymore. I can't take the stress, I can't take the pain. It feels like a cigarette burn to my arm. I feel like everything's falling down around me, and I can't stop it. Like every time I run to one side to fix it, the other starts to crumble, and when I try and hold that wall up, the other just falls down at my feet. In the end, I will be standing in the middle or a beautiful disaster and fall to my knees. I know that no matter what I end up doing, someone will get hurt. Someone will hate me. Someone one will not be there anymore.

I wish that someone is me.

I wish it was me, with every fiber of my heart do I wish that I could stop all this pain for everyone, and just take it all. No one can bare the weight of the world, but maybe I can just bare the weight of the moon. I can't keep hurting the ones that I care about... But then I think, if they cared about me, wouldn't they feel the same? I feel like everything I do is wrong, and nothing I ever do will amount to anything. I feel like maybe if I just never signed in that someone out there would be happy right now instead of heartbroken, or on the verge of suicide.

Then I start to think.

I start to think about the life I saved, and the people I effected, negatively, or positively. It's odd to see how many people seem to be effected by who I am... It just really sucks that I specialize in fucking things up... I can never make up my mind, because I always try and keep everyone happy, and neglect myself... I always look for the way to make everyone feel better, and have me sitting and suffering alone... Sometimes I just think that maybe if I wasn't here, everything would be better...

I feel like dying...</3


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