"Pure White Lace is enough to cut through, exposing what's beneath..."

Lena Baby 4/?
Title: Lena Baby 4/?
Rating: T
Pairings: Demi/Selena, Miley/Taylor S.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, but if I did, there would be little Lovez babies running around(:
Summery: Selena and Miley may not be friends, but Miley cared about Demi and Selena. One day, she records a drunk Demi singing a very...interesting remix of Ashley by Escape The Fate. Miley shows Selena and fluff ensues.
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Miley was currently being mobbed by 7 year old's.

Maybe it really wasn't a good idea to go to Starbucks on her own.

"Who knew 7 year old's were vicious," Miley thought with a shrug as she signed another autograph. Although she liked that people looked up to her, she never understood the significances of her signature on a piece of paper.

"If they want my signature, go steal my receipts," Was always her motto. But then again, finding small children raiding her purse would be a tad bit creepy. While laughing, Demi had once told her that she would come out of the shower one day and find a hoard of little kids staring at her, asking her for used soap. Miley had been thoroughly disturbed. Demi was a tad bit of an odd thinker. Cough, she's a freak, cough, cough.

Miley continued signing the sea of kids' various items. She thought they would never stop coming, and the large smile that was plastered on her face would be permanently stuck on her lips, all of this children dissipated. Suddenly a scream was heard. Miley turned around to see Selena being attacked my the children she currently was attempting to please.

She was almost knocked over in the struggle to move past all the tiny humans that were both literally and figuratively throwing themselves at her.  Miley stayed back with her arms crossed and a smile across her lips. It was really quite amusing to watch Selena get toppled over by her fans, attempting to please them all at once. Deciding to cut her a break, Miley gently pushed past the little kids and stood next to Selena.

Selena looked at Miley with desperate expression on her face. Miley smirked a little, but decided to help the Wizards star out. She placed her fingers and her moth and blew, producing a high-pitched, ear piercing screech. All the little children stopped attacking the stars and turned their attention to Miley.
"Hey guys, how're ya'll today?!" She called into the sea of little people. They all shouted back in response, probably expecting a song, or a duet.

"Selena and I are going to have a talk for a little bit, but when we come back we'll sing you some songs, okay?!" They're was an overwhelming response of yes from every single child in the crowd.

Miley gently tugged at Selena's wrist, pulling her along with her into the Starbucks.

"Here, take a seat, Sel, I'll go get some cups of coffee," Miley said while walking towards the counter, not even waiting for Selena's reply. Miley walked swiftly to the counter, glancing back at Selena. She was getting comfortable in her seat, with the occasional child with a parent asking for an autograph. Miley didn't notice the line had moved up and it was her turn until a sweet old lady had told her to move up.

"Uhm, hi there, could I possibly have two regular tall coffee's please?"

"Sure, that'll be $7.36, please." Miley pulled out a ten and placed it on the counter. She turned and leaned back. She pulled out her cell phone, quickly going through her files, making sure Demi's Remix was still there. She jerk suddenly when someone tapped her shoulder. She turned and smiled, accepting the two coffee's from the employee.

Miley made her way back to the booth Selena had claimed for their own. The brunette was staring out the window with her hands folded on the table. She looked to be in dept thinking. Her facial expression was one of pure confusion. Deciding to put the poor girl out of herself theoretically, he put the coffee in front of her hands.

Selena looked at Miley with grateful eyes, thankfully taking the hot liquid and sipping a small amount. Miley sat down across from Selena, sipping her own drink. Selena looked up from her coffee, now looking into Miley's eyes.

"What... What did you want to show me...?" Miley smiled suddenly, realizing that Selena was fretting about that.

"You have nothing to worry about, I swear."

"What is it then?" Selena said. She looked relieved, a small smile making it's way onto her face. Miley quickly took out her phone, searching for the file again. Selena looked curiously at her, not understanding why she was searching her cell phone. Miley was too engrossed in finding the file in her cell than to notice the look that was on Selena's face.

"Aha!" Miley smiled in triumph, finally finding Demi's Remix. She looked at Selena, finally noticing her confused expression. She smiled and decided to explain.

"Demi was drunk off her ass right?" She saw Selena nod her head from the corner of her eye. "She started to sing,"

"How is that something that would make me really happy...?" Miley smiled, it was almost sinister.

"You know that Escape the Fate song Ashley?" Selena again nodded her head, and Miley decided to now play the remix.

Shadows fall on yesterday,
its like time just slips away.

Selena heard Demi giggle softly and mumble incoherently.

I'm nothing, when darkness follows me.
The dawn, it never shows its head.
I'm left dying here instead with nothing,
a lock without a key.
Like the brightest star you shine through.

Demi started to scream happily.

Le-na-baby, *hic* you make me
feel... so alive.
I've got purpose *hic* once again.

Selena softly blushed and smiled happily. Miley paused the recording as her eyes danced in amusement. Before either one got a chance to speak, someone spoke.


Her eyes were so wide, it seemed like the were going to devour her face. Miley turned slowly to see Demi Lovato staring at her with angry eyes.

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I...Have horrible writers block...-_-
Okay, so writers block is bad right? It's even worse when I wrote something for the girl I love, and it turned out to be completely fucked up. The whole thing was good, until the last paragraph.

It said:

Great. I’m going to die from a broken heart. FML. Ugh, fuck this. Honestly, what the hell? Why can’t I just get over you?! WHAT THE FUUUUCK. JESUS CHRIST. -_-. Fuck this all, like honest to God. What the hell. I’m so fed up with all of this. Tell me, do you want me or not, and fucking let it get through my fucking thick ass skull. JESUS. FREAKING. BALLS.

I copied and pasted that from what I wrote.

I'm so screwed... -_-

Heartbreak teaches you a lot.
Sometimes it takes a heartbreak to show you that even though they hurt you, you still get giddy when you hear their name, or hear their voice. Sometimes, heartbreak shows you why they're important in the first place. Why you even decided to take a chance in the first place.

Lena Baby 3/?
Title: Lena Baby 3/?
Rating: T
Pairings: Demi/Selena, Miley/Taylor S.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, but if I did, there would be little Lovez babies running around(:
Summery: Selena and Miley may not be friends, but Miley cared about Demi and Selena. One day, she records a drunk Demi singing a very...interesting remix of Ashley by Escape The Fate. Miley shows Selena and fluff ensues.

It was 3:18 and Demi still wasn't up, and Miley was to meet Selena in 42 minutes.


Miley went up to Demi's bed and kicked it, hearing the other girl groan. Miley had woken up around 11 and was waiting for her hungover best friend to wake up. A girl can only watch re-runs of Dexter's Laboratory for so long. I mean, Dexter's a pretty cool guy, but four hours is pushing it.

Miley went back to the still sleeping rock star. She looked at Demi's sleeping form, and gently shook her, taking a softer approach.

"Dems, wake up. Come on, it's 3..." She trailed off looking at the alarm clock on the night stand. 3:23. "It's 3:23, and I have somewhere to be."

Demi turned towards Miley, and weakly smiled. "That rhymed. 3:23, got somewhere to be." Miley rolled her eyes at her childish antics. 

"Yeah, Dem, I know it did. Now get up, dork." Demi stuck her tongue out, but seemed to regret it considering she ninja-jumped from the bed and sprinted to the bathroom. A retching sound was heard, but Miley was too impressed by how fast she ran. Girl could have ran track. Hm, I never knew she ran that fast. Eh, who knew?

As Miley was pondering that thought, he cell-phone started to go off, snapping her out of her that thought. She glanced down at her cell-phone, and the caller I.D. displayed 'Selena' . Miley picked up the phone with a smile.

"Hey Sel." She greeted with a smile, checking over her shoulder making sure Demi was busy throwing up.

"Hi Miley. Are we still going to meet up today...?"

"Yeah, we are. 4:00?" Miley replied. Miley started to pick at her nails, not realizing that Demi was behind her, staring at her quizzically.

"Yeah... I might be a few minutes late, is that okay?" Demi, who was still behind Miley and basically creeping on the conversation, eyes widened. She didn't believe it. There was no way... None at all....

"Yeah, that's fine. I might be too, Demi's just woke up." Hearing her name, Demi ran back and slid into the bathroom.

'I'm good. I should have been a ninja.' She peaked her head out of the doorway, listening in again. 'Or maybe James Bond. The names Lovato... Demi Lovato.' She squinted her eyes and made a little gun with her fingers. Oh yeah, that's attractive.

Selena giggled over the other line, and Demi perked up, and turned her tiny attention span back to the conversation. Straining her ears, she heard Selena's sweet voice gently say, "She hasn't changed her sleeping habits, I see." A tiny smile made its way onto Demi's face. She fist pumped and accidentally smacked her hand off the side of the door. She hissed in pain and let loose a string of profanity.

Miley still hadn't noticed her presence. Wow.

"Yeah, she's still the same. Believe me. I don't think anyone can change Demi."

She could almost hear the face-slitting grin Selena had.

"So she's still my dork? Like, nothing's changed other than the fact that she let the fame go to her head?" Demi's jaw dropped in indigence. 

Miley snorted and started to laugh. Demi started to get mad. She didn't let fame get to her head!

Kind of...?

Miley laughed for a few more minutes, and replied to Selena. "Demi? Let fame get to her head, my ass! That child is the most normal-" Selena snorted at that one. Demi and normal were not to be used in the same sentence, unless it was Demi isn't normal. Demi even had to stifle a laugh at that one. Miley seemed to catch herself, and rolled her eyes.

"Okay, so she's not normal, but you know what I mean. She's Demi, she's really down to earth, and she's still the loser you're 'oh-so-in-love-with'." Demi's eyes widened, and her heart started to race. She didn't believe it. 'Miley was being figurative... She wasn't serious...Why am I so stupid... She'll never love me...' Demi felt her heart start to constrict. She walked into the bathroom, leaving it at that. She didn't want to hear anymore.

Miley continued, though. Seriously, how do you not notice you hung-over best friend listening in on your conversation?

"We both know she'll never change, she's Demi, and you'd be in love her even if she did. So don't go saying that stuff, Selena." Selena let out a sigh.

"I'll love her, rather she loves me or not... She's Demi and I'm Selena... That's the way it should be, shouldn't it?" Miley started to smile gently.

"That's exactly how it's supposed to be, Sel." Miley heard a gently 'yeah' spoken on the other side. She couldn't help but think that it was the way it should be. If you had ever seen them together, just together, no one else, just in sweatpants, watching a video, you would agree.

You would agree because of the way their hands fit so perfectly together that it was scary.

You would agree because of the way Selena's body fit against Demi's.

You would agree because of the way Demi held Selena so protectively you would think she was a wall.

You would agree because of the way they could be themselves and not be afraid.

You would agree because of the way no one could change them.

And you would sure as hell agree because they are Demi and Selena. And that's the God damn truth.

"I'll see you soon Sel. I have to go check on your lover." Miley gently concluded. Rather Miley knew it or not, Selena was blushing a light pink on the other line.

"O-Okay," Selena gently said, her voice cracking a little. "I'll see you in a bit..."

Selena was about to hang up when Miley stopped her.

"Hey Selena?"


"Did...Did you know that Demi runs really fast...?"

Selena smiled softly.

"Yeah...Yeah I did."

"Okay...I'll...Talk to you soon."

"Bye Miley."

It was 3:42...

A/N: Want to know something ironic? The whole time I was writing this the last part of this chapter, my laptop shuffled to Catch Me.

Life. Sucks.
Life sucks especially when your so-called best guy friend decides it's okay to tell your best friend that you're basically in love with her, when you specifically tell him not to. What's worse than that? When she leads you on then tells him, "I don't like her like that and want to be with my boyfriend forever." Even worse? They broke up two days ago. Worse still? You sit next to her and your so called best guy friend starts announcing that you must be so happy with who you're sitting next to. When no one knows you're bi. Wonderful. FUCKING PERFECT.

Honestly, how the hell can you betray someone who you call your best friend like that? I told him, "Don't tell her, I'm not ready," but no. He told her. And either led me on for the past 5 months, or was lying to him. Which one, I don't know.

What sucks more than anything else, is the fact that despite the fact that she doesn't like me, I still do. And I want her to be happy. Even if it's not with me. And with her ex. Who she adores.

Can anyone say 'Fuck my life'?

Sometimes a 'World of Chances' isn't enough...
I think I like you...
I think you don't...
I think you hurt me...
I think you mean the world to me...
I think you deserve better...
I think you should be happy...
Sometimes I don't know if it's enough...

Sometimes even the greatest warrior falls to the hands of his enemy....
Sometimes even the most patient person loses the will to wait...
Sometimes even the best doctors know they can't do more...
Sometimes... Sometimes even the girl that is so in love with knows that sometimes, sometimes a 'World of Chances' isn't enough....
I know this now....

I know that even a 'World of Chances' isn't enough....
I know that even all the patience I contain isn't enough....
I know that even though every inch of me loves, I don't you about you...
I know that even though all of that, I still love you...
I know that even though I like you, you're still my best friend
I know that even though a 'World of Chances' isn't enough, I have another galaxy waiting to give you... 
I know that I love you, one way or another....

Sometimes a 'World of Chances' isn't enough, I just hope my heart is...

Comfort Only You Can Give
Summary: Joe Jonas was always a heart-breaker, and Demi Lovato knew this. She didn't even love him, but it still hurts to get dumped via text message. The only one who she trusts enough to be there for her is someone she hasn't talked to in months. Selena.
A/N: anleyda was the genius behind the plot. This is for you :)

Anyone can tell you that break-ups are hard.

Anyone can tell you that it hurts.

But not everyone can tell you that when it happened, it happened by text messages.

You would think that being and international heart-throb -as if- would give Joe Jonas some type of respect to the world, but no, Demi was dumped via text message. This is worse then what he did to Taylor, and she's an amazingly sweet girl. What a dick. Would you want to know what the text said?

im dumping u. sorry. txt me l8r, we can just b frends. joe

What. The. Fuck? He can't even spell friends right. What a dumb ass. Funniest thing is? Demo wouldn't have minded if they had broke up, but it hurt her pride. He did it right after her show.

The one he conveniently missed.

The ones his brothers went to.

So now, here she is. No tear falling from her eyes like you would expect, but her pride hurting. She's driving the short distance from her own house to Selena's house. Yes, Selena Gomez. Just because they don't talk doesn't mean she won't be here for her, or vise versa. What's just peachy is the fact that she's the reason Demi not crying. She's the reason Demi doesn't care.

Yeah, that's right. She loved her.

As more then a friend

And would stop the world for her.

And do anything for her, even listen to the Mouse and stop talking to her, or they would drop her.

Yeah, then she actually started to hate Demi.

"My life sucks."

Demi's at her house.

As she's walking up the driveway, she's reaching into her pocket and feeling that folded up paper.

The original paper Stop the World was written on.

She finally reaches the door and hesitates to ring the doorbell.

Maybe she should call? No. She's ringing it because she's Demi-freaking-Lovato and she just go her heart broken and she wants her best friend.


She rings the doorbell twice, moving her bangs from her face as she pulls her hand back.

She hears footsteps padding on the hardwood from inside.

The door opens to reveal a very relaxed looking Selena Gomez holding and open jar of pickles.

Demi feels tears spring to her eyes because that's just how much she missed the girl. Selena's looking at her though, like Maurice from Madagascar. Her eyes wide and unwavering. Those brown eyes are seeing right into her heart. She missed that.

"Demi-" She get's interrupted.

"He broke up with me." Selena's eyes wide.

"I-I'm sor-"

"By text message." She petite girl get's a fire in her eyes that almost makes Demi laugh.

"I'm going to rip off his balls." If she wasn't so adorable, then maybe she would be intimidating. Demi gave her a half smile.

Selena reached out her free hand and laced it in between Demi's. Demi felt tears spring into hear eyes again because it just felt that right.

Selena led her into the house and to the couches where then settled in like old times with Mirrors playing in the DVD box. Selena sat in between Demi's legs with Demi's arms wrapped with tight protectiveness around Selena.

In about the middle of the movie, Selena broke the almost comfortable silence with one word.

"Why?" Demi heart leaped into her throat.


"Don't play stupid Demi," Selena turned her head in Demi's direction, her piercing eyes boring into her heart. Again.

"You don't throw away 10 years of friendship for Miley or your career. You aren't like that. So tell me why. Why would you do this to me, your best friend-" Demi cut her off with a harsh laugh.

"That's why I did it, Sel, or do you still not get it. I did it because the Mouse said they would drop you," Saying Selena's jaw dropped would be quite an understatement.

"They finally realized that Catch Me, Two Worlds Collide, World Of Chance, Stop-The-Fucking-World was about you! They said if I didn't stop, stop what I was feeling, that they would drop you because they know that you're the most important thing to me. They would hurt you, and I will never let that happen." Demi's voice was loud and angry, but then it dropped to almost a whisper.

"I'm in love with you. I just thought I'd share." Selena's face was frozen but her heart was melting. Demi started to get up, but was yanked back down on top of Selena, who had regained her composure.

Selena had wrapped her arms around her neck and crushed their lips-and bodies-together.

The kiss was...Uninhibited. It was a mixture of desperation, love, pent up anger, appreciation, and happiness.

Demi's hands were placed on Selena's waist, refusing to let go while Selena's were the same, except clutching at her face.

When oxygen was necessary, they had to pull away, gasping with bruised lips. Their foreheads were pressed against each others, breathing labored, hearts beating frantically, but in sync.

Demi leaned down again, and much like her song, she kept the kiss sweet and slow, occasionally pulling at Selena's lips and pressing her tongue against Selena's lips.

Selena opened her mouth just enough for Demi to slip her tongue through. Their tongues played gently, neither one fighting for dominance.

They would pull away and take short intakes of air so they wouldn't have to break the bliss.

It was Selena that pulled away first.

"I-I love you," She breathed out. Then she smiled cheekily.

"Just thought I'd share."

Demi grinned and went back in for another kiss.

Since that day, no one but the two girls could figure out why Demi was wearing her pink triangle shirt every chance she had.

A/N: Good, bad, should I kill myself?

I don't particularly like Jemi. At all. Ever. But it just so happens that my best friend loves Jemi. And sends me pictures of the. Together. Ew. I send her Lovez picture in return to piss her off. Ha. Of all things, why Jemi? Didn't Demi say she would never date a Jonas Brother because it was gross? Why Demi, why? Come out already, okay? Selena needs you. So, go wear your triangle shirt and face the world!

Lena Baby 2/?
Author: Bellszyxx
Disclaimer: I don't own anything mentioned :(
Summary: Selena and Miley may not be friends, but Miley cared about Demi and Selena. One day, she records a drunk Demi singing a very...interesting remix of Ashley by Escape The Fate. Miley shows Selena and fluff ensues.
Warnings: Profanity, possibly mentions of sex and body parts.
A/N: So. Yeah. This is chapter two. This is also in the demi_selena community. Have fun.

"M...Miley? Wh-what, why are you calling me?" Selena sounded a little panicked and nervous obviously not used to talking to the other girl. Miley didn't think she had made that bad of an impression on Selena. Then again, she could be a bit of a bitch when it came to some things, especially back when these things regarded the youngest Jonas. She was now over and done with him, she had her eyes set on someone else.

"Uhm... I kind of need to show you something," She heard the beginning of a protest, Selena most likely thinking it was something bad. Miley knew though, how to rope in the Texan. Before Selena could get a word out, Miley quickly interrupted.

"It's about Demi." The voice on the other end suddenly got quiet, no words of protest escaping her. Miley heard a small rustle and looked over, seeing Demi move over and start mumbling incoherent words. She moved towards the door, grabbing her room key before closing the door with a gentle click.

"Is there something wrong with her? What... What happened?" Selena was starting to get worried. Miley smiled a bit, she still cared about Demi after all of this time. It was pretty cute, she had to admit. It's rare that you see someone harbor feels for another so strong that they would still posses them even after so long apart. As stupid as it sounded, they gave Miley hope that maybe one day when all was right in the world that she'll be able to have someone care that deeply for her.

"She's fine, Sel," She could almost feel the other girl flinch at the nickname, "It's really the opposite. What I need to show you is good to say the least." Miley said cryptically, knowing it would reel the curious girl in. She felt like James Bond, or a ninja for some reason. Maybe it was the Demi-Not-Knowing part that made her like that. All she needed now was theme music. In her head the heard the Mission Impossible theme song in her head, do do do do do do do do do do do do-dodo do-dodo do-dodo. Okay, so she was still a kid, give her a break.

"Miley...? Why are you singing the Mission Impossible theme song...?" Miley felt heat rise in her cheeks. Good thing she couldn't see that, that's pretty embarrassing. She needed to be careful next time she had a burst of spaz as she liked to call it, or next time it could be in front of Ta... She expelled her that thought from her head.

"Uh... that  was the T.V....? That's besides the point, do you want to meet or not?" The Southerner asked, though it came out more as a statement then a question.

"I...I guess. As long as it's nothing bad, like she kicked someone in the balls or something. And if it's about someone she's dating, I don't want to know that either." Selena had so much bitterness and resentment in the last statement, Miley knew in her heart that there was no way this girl wasn't in love with Demi. It was so blatant at times, Miley wondered how the paps hadn't caught on faster. That comment in the airport had her giddy for weeks, thinking that someone would realize that they were in love, but no. The people these days!

"Do you want to meet in the Starbucks downtown? I'm free all day tomorrow so anytime is good for me, so long as it's not too early in the morning." Because that's when I'm going to be on hang over duty. She heard Selena softly talking to someone on the other line, most likely asking about her schedule.

"I'm filming tomorrow from 7 to 3, but afterward I'm free. Taylor's spending the day with her family so..." Miley felt herself blush slightly at the mention of the other girl.

"Okay... Do you want to meet at say 4 o'clock?" She heard gentle a sure mumbled, but Miley heard the longing in that one word. The longing for someone she was sure she had lost, if even for a little bit of time. The longing for the returned love she posses and is willing to give. Selena's been through a lot, enough for Miley to tip her hat (if she had one on), to the girl. She thought she lost the person she loved, but kept living. Someone once told her that dying was easy and living was hard. But that was with love in it. Selena was strong, as strong as Miley hoped to be one day.

"Hey Selena?" Miley said in a gentle voice.


"Please come."


"Thank you." Miley waited for the click on the other line that seemed almost hesitant. Tomorrow, Selena hopefully won't hold that longing in her voice, or in her heart. Tomorrow, Miley was going to put back the missing piece to a jigsaw puzzle.

A/N: Good, bad, horrible? (By the way, your thoughts on the Taylor/Miley situation. Yay or Nay?)

Lena Baby 1/?
Lena Baby 1/?
Author: Bellszyxx
Disclaimer: I don't own anything mentioned :(
Summary: Selena and Miley may not be friends, but Miley cared about Demi and Selena. One day, she records a drunk Demi singing a very...interesting remix of Ashley by Escape The Fate. Miley shows Selena and fluff ensues.
Warnings: Profanity, possibly mentions of sex and body parts.
A/N: I posted this also on the demi_selena community.

One thing you never do is get Demi Lovato drunk and then leave her to get ice.


So when Miley Cyrus returned to her hotel room, carrying the now full bucket of ice to where her intoxicated best friend was, she was baffled to see Demi singing an off-key version of Ashley by Escape The Fate.

But Demi being as drunk as she was and as in love with Selena as she was, most likely didn't realize she was substituting every 'Ashley' with 'Lena'. Then again, maybe she did because the song seemed pretty rehearsed in some weird way. Though the Disney star still sounded like a complete idiot,she sounded a cute one considering she was singing out of being head-over-heels for her former best friend and all that jazz. 

As Miley was watching Demi sing with an amused expression on her face, she had a thought pop into her head so fast she it almost gave her whiplash. While Demi was busy with the chorus of "Le-na ba-by! You make me feel so...Alive! I've got purpose once *hic* again!" Miley pulled out her cell phone and recorded drunk-but-yet-so-truthful Demi singing and dancing to her little remix. Though Miley was trying to stay quiet, she couldn't help the snort that erupted from her when Demi twirled around and fell flat on her ass. 

Drunken Demi heard it her stupor and started yelling profanities at the Hannah star. Miley rolled her eyes, satisfied with the evidence she had, saved the film to her phone. Helping get Demi into bed while she was still mumbling bits of the song, Miley felt herself smile at how cute it really was. 

Well, it was cute till Demi screamed 'BOOBS!' Okay, seriously? How weird was this girl?

After getting Demi to quit singing and finally asleep, Miley took out her phone and scrolled to a very rarely used number. She had been contemplating weather to delete it given the circumstances, but at the moment she was glad she didn't. Pressing the call button one her phone, she waited hoping to get the actual person rather then their voice mail.

Finally after three rings, she heard a soft voice at the other end.



A/N: Good, bad, should I kill myself?


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